Corissa Rieschieck

“Creativity is letting your mind roam where it will and producing something to showcase the journey.”




Corissa Rieschieck is a creative, bringing to life worlds for people to get lost within. Her focus ranges from the smallest, seemingly insignificant moments of life to the overwhelming, in-your-face and difficult-to-ignore moments, weaving with her words a picture of the emotions that come along with each. She is an entertainer, creating tales full of characters that invite readers to get invested.



With an undergraduate degree majoring in both Creative Writing and Psychology and a post-graduate degree in Education through Monash University, along with being in the final year of a Masters in Literature through Deakin University, Corissa Rieschieck is well-versed in writing and editing. Her education, combined with nine years working as a high-school English, Literature, and Psychology teacher, has given Corissa a wealth of experience at reading through other people's work and helping to improve it. Further developing her own experience, she has written and edited poetry and stories since she was in primary school and has had work published in local papers and online over the years; most recently her focus has been on her coursework for her own Literature studies, writing poetry and creative non-fiction pieces around that.



- Portrait photography by Nicolette Snowden.

Background image by Corissa Rieschieck. Tagline quote by Corissa Rieschieck.