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A Writer’s Life: Creating a space

This week, we get the keys to our new house. 

I am excited about this for so many reasons; we plan for this to be our forever home and accordingly we have a list of dreams for what we can create in this home. One of those dreams is for myself, and it popped into my head when I first saw the small barn that exists on our new property. I have always longed for a dedicated space where I can set myself up on whatever project I begin, where I won’t have to pack it up again at the end of each day because the space needs to be used for something else. My hope is that we can turn our little barn into that space for me. We plan to set it up as a studio and knowing that I will have this dedicated creative space makes my heart sing. 

Growing up, Roald Dahl was one of my favourite authors. I remember learning that he had a little studio in his backyard where he would go to write every day and always thought that was so clever. The idea of having a space that would spark that creativity, that was designed solely for the purpose of making art called to me and I always wished for something of that sort when I had a home of my own. In this new home, I finally have the chance to create that. While it’s not necessary to have this, for writing truly can (and does) happen anywhere, I like the idea of being able to separate the different facets of my life: a studio for my creative work, an office for my academic work, and the rest of my home where I can be with my family and relax.

The idea of my own dedicated writing space makes my heart sing!

The idea of my own dedicated writing space makes my heart sing!

My mind is racing with ideas for how I might make this become a reality.  Naturally, I’ve already started Googling, investigating how other creatives have set up their writing spaces and studios. I know that I would like it to be a little bohemian, to be full of lights, colour, and textures, and perhaps even have a little wood fire to keep it cosywhen I am working. I thought the creation of this space could make for an interesting blog sequence once we start getting into it, that I could share how we renovate the barn and set it up to be my studio. 

Do you have any suggestions? How do you picture a writer’s studio?

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