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Reading Ruminations - June 2019

I read a lot. Duh! I can almost hear you saying it. Nothing like stating the obvious to really capture someone’s attention, right? The reason I’m stating it is because I don’t often really take the time to reflect on all those books that I read. Beyond the brief conversations I have about these books with other readerly friends (including the delightful librarians where I work, who always put aside books they’re certain I will enjoy!), talking about books I’ve read is sadly not a regular conversation I have with anyone. Naturally, I also try to encourage my students to read and often talk to them about the books that I read, even reading aloud to them from whichever book I happen to be reading when I’m with them (we have silent reading sessions at the school where I work and they’re fabulous!) It’s not the same as in depth conversation though, and beyond those moments, the thoughts I have about the many books I consume get lost. To try and catch them, I thought I might try a new monthly post where I ponder on all the books I’ve consumed in that month. I’m hoping that those of you who also read might like to respond and I might get lucky and be able to have the bookish conversations I’m longing for this way! Below are my reading ruminations for the books I read throughout June.

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