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“Creativity is letting your mind roam where it will and producing something to showcase the journey.”


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A Writer's Life: My writing process

Whenever I’ve seen writers being interviewed, people have asked them about their writing process. Some answer this question with comments about where or when they like to write, others answer it with how they tackle a new idea and if they plot every detail out or if they just jump into the writing of it, and yet others respond with comments on the research they do first, the questions they ask, the specific details they like to know before they even begin writing a word of the story itself. Every time I hear them answer, they seem so certain in their response to this. Yet when I think about how I would answer such a question, my answer does not seem neat and clean - it seems as messy and chaotic as my life often appears to be…

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A Writer's Life: The Joy of Writers' Events

One of my absolute favourite things to do as a writer is attend writing events. There is something in the air that calls to me (it’s possible it’s the collective inner hum of imposter syndrome that everyone talks about, but let’s imagine for a moment it’s not!) As a burgeoning writer, working hard to develop my skills and learn all I can about the industry, writing festivals in particular are a treasure trove of information… 

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A Writer’s Life: Creating a space

This week, we get the keys to our new house. 

I am excited about this for so many reasons; we plan for this to be our forever home and accordingly we have a list of dreams for what we can create in this home. One of those dreams is for myself, and it popped into my head when I first saw the small barn that exists on our new property…

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A Writer’s Life: Developing a routine.

When I came back to my blog a few weeks back, it was with the intention of really building up my writing practice again. I wanted to use the blog as a way to hold myself accountable while also logging some time actually writing in one of the forms I enjoy. The self-reflection of blog writing appeals to me; I enjoy sitting back and examining my emotions, analysing the thoughts that cross my mind. I hoped that it would be a good way to get back into the rhythm of regular writing…

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