Corissa Rieschieck

“Creativity is letting your mind roam where it will and producing something to showcase the journey.”



Novel #1

A work in progress that has been building since Corissa was in her early twenties, she is ever hopeful that she will be successful in finding a publisher for this manuscript when she is satisfied that it is ready to be presented to the world.

The tale of a land that has been drawn and quartered, and of the girl who must somehow learn to navigate her way through the conflict that surrounds her in order to learn all there is to know of her past and the power of which she is capable.

Master of Arts (Writing & Literature)

Completing a Masters Degree has long been a dream for Corissa and to be currently working towards that goal delights her. Studying with Deakin University, Victoria, she has completed all the required course work and is about to tackle the writing of the thesis itself. 

The works of Isobelle Carmody are some of the most remarkable fantasy novels going around. Focusing upon a selection of Carmody's novels (currently Obernewtyn, The Gathering, and Greylands), this thesis will consider how Carmody has portrayed female power within each novel, and the effects this power has upon the characters and worlds that she has created.


Poetry is a passion close to Corissa's heart. She is constantly working on new pieces to showcase, focusing upon a number of different topics - first love, post-traumatic stress, becoming a mother and more. She is slowly building a collection with the aim to publish a chapbook of her work.

From conventional poetry formats to spoken word poetry and an array of styles in between, Corissa's poetry explores not only the issues close to her heart, but also her technical abilities with the art form of poetry itself. 

Novel #2

A new idea that has recently taken hold and has seen many a sleepless night already as Corissa begins to sketch out the bones of this new story. 

A contemporary tale that focuses on the world of high school and the confronting issues surrounding consent. 

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