Corissa Rieschieck

“Creativity is letting your mind roam where it will and producing something to showcase the journey.”



Founder of Periscope Coaching.

"Working with Corissa has been a god-send. She makes my life so much easier.

She is not just easy to work with. Her work is of great quality, and her attention to detail, thoughtful ideas and clear content has helped to both build my audience and build trust with my customers. Her passion for writing keeps my readers engaged and waiting for more.

I couldn't recommend Corissa's services highly enough." 


VCE Philosophy teacher.

"Corissa is beyond brilliant. Words - in just about any form you can think of - are her thing, so if you need words written for a particular purpose or audience, if you need your ideas nailed down into words that are clear, well-crafted, and articulate, or if you need your own words tidied up or made beautiful, then she is definitely the one to call.

Having worked with Corissa for many years - and having made use of her services - I cannot recommend her work highly enough. Corissa's background in English teaching, her post-graduate studies in English Literature, and a life built around writing - from poetry and content-writing, to blog and novel-writing - means that there is very little this woman cannot do. Add the fact that Corissa is naturally friendly, efficient, exceptionally thorough, and can work to a strict deadline, and it's not at all surprising that her services are highly sought after." 


VCE English teacher.

"Corissa's professionalism is second to none. Her passion for writing and seeking the best for her clients will factor into every facet of her work, and throughout the entire project, you will find her the consummate professional."


VCE English teacher.

"For Corissa, creating engaging writing is like breathing. She expertly writes, develops, and refines content in a range of contexts. Communication and experience in writing in a range of forms and genres is this published writer's strength. I have worked with Corissa on a number of successful projects and have continuously been impressed with her professionalism, thoroughness, and desire to meet clients' needs and goals. Corissa is dedicated to her work and thrives on meeting a writing deadline.

I will work with this word whisperer on future writing projects and recommend you do the same."


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